10 Reasons to Try a South African Safari

Have you ever dreamed of being up close and personal with Africa”S INCREDIBLE wildlife? Here’s why you need to try a wildlife tour so you can experience it.

Cape Town may be one of the world’s best-loved destinations, but there’s a lot more to South Africa than the Mother City.

South African wildlife is exceptional with over 200 species of mammals and 850 different types of birds to admire.

This by itself is reason enough to take a trip to the southern tip of Africa, but here are 10 more.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Whether you are traveling from the USA, Germany, or the United Kingdom you’ll find that the exchange rate is in your favor when you visit South Africa.

However, the truth is that money just can buy the incredible experiences you will enjoy while visiting this hospitable country on the tip of the continent.

2. Unexpected Luxury

All your qualms about roughing it in the African bush will vanish as soon as you arrive at your luxury game lodge accommodation.

Here you will find top quality linens, exquisite dining, world-class wines and exquisitely decorated rooms to welcome you.

En-suite bathrooms equipped with every luxury your heart could desire and more are the norm at these top lodges. You can soak in a deep foamy bath while overlooking the wild landscapes beyond or spoil yourself with a refreshing outdoor shower.

Private splash pools, world-class spa treatments with a view and exceptionally charming dining areas add enjoyment to every moment of the day while on safari.

Many of South Africa’s premier wildlife destinations are consistently featured on worldwide Top Ten lists.

3. Outstanding Service

Your hosts will spoil you with butler service, daily turndown, a game ranger and a tracker for your personal use.

Should you wish to enjoy some quiet time in the evenings, your meals will be served to you on the deck of your chalet.

In the dining room, you can look forward to the services of expert sommeliers and waiters to see to your every need.

4. Exceptional Dining

It’s not all about mopane worms and biltong (dried meat) during your South African wildlife safari, although anything can be arranged.

Mealtimes offer a range of international dishes as well as local treats for you to try. Venison is high on the list of favorites along with traditional South African dishes such as melktert (a cream-filled tart that tastes like cinnamon pancakes).

The highlight of your culinary experiences will undoubtedly be the evening boma braais. Here you congregate at tables set around a blazing fire, with a spectacular celestial display overhead and the night sounds all around you.

You will never forget the muffled roar of the male lion or ‘whoop whoop’ of a hyena ringing through the chorus of cicadas during your meal.

Grilled meat and vegetables are the order of the day at these events. You’ll be surprised at what these accomplished chefs can whip up over the coals.

Then there’s the wine.

Sip on sophisticated award-winning vintages from the fairest Cape and don’t miss the chance to try a nightcap liqueur of cream and marula fruit.

5. Unforgettable Experiences

During a South African wildlife safari, the animals take center stage but it’s the many ways you get to enjoy them that make it extra special.

You will be whisked off on daily guided safari drives into the wilderness to see these incredible creatures in their natural environment.

Believe us when we say that you will begin to relish the 4 am wakeup call that heralds the start of your day in the bush.

Nothing can compare to setting out in the crisp morning air as the sun starts to rise. The smell of dew-speckled dust is in the air and sleepy birds chirp half-heartedly as you sip your morning brew.

Anticipation and excitement build as you set out, eager to catch a leopard on their way into hiding for the day. Maybe you’ll see a lion preparing for a dawn strike. Perhaps a porcupine ambling off to bed or a sleepy-eyed owl settling into their roost.

Late afternoon drives bring these opportunities in reverse. The evening predators awaken to search for their meals and night birds ruffle their feathers ready for flight.

You could opt for walking among the wild animals with an armed ranger for protection and an experienced tracker to show you the ropes.

Perhaps a hot air balloon ride over the waving grass of the savannah is more your style or a rough and tumble 4×4 jaunt along roads rarely traveled.

6. Amazing South African Wildlife

The animals you come across on these excursions are truly wild although they are accustomed to the sight of the game vehicles.

They may flee for cover on catching sight of you or continue on their way, unperturbed by your presence.

You are likely to spend some time just meters from these creatures. So close you can hear the rumblings deep in the belly of the bull elephant or see the sunlight glinting off the dewy eye of a giraffe.

7. Photographic Opportunities

During your excursions, you will find complete support for your photographic pursuits.

Rangers and guides are well-equipped to get you within shooting distance of the best specimens. They have infinite patience with the time needed for that perfect shot.

You can even request specialized photography drives and walks to get your fix.

Many game drive vehicles are specially equipped with beanbags, bucket seats, and camera mounts.

8. Scintillating Sunsets and Stars

At the end of the day, you will experience the phenomenon of the African sunset from a suitably elevated spot, sundowner in hand.

The dusk light lingers lightly on the horizon as you admire the views before you. Then suddenly it is gone.

Darkness comes quickly in Africa. With comes an arrangement of stars brighter than you’ll ever see in suburbia. Many lodges offer telescopes so you can view the ‘upside-down’ arrangement of the Southern Hemisphere stars up close.

9. You’ll be Doing Your Bit for Conservation

A part of the fees you pay for your South African wildlife safari is channeled directly back into conservation.

By supporting wildlife reserves and parks you ensure that South Africa’s wildlife has a place to roam in safety.

By enjoying touristic activities, you help to keep one of the country’s biggest industries afloat.

10. It’s Almost Too Late

Despite the best efforts of conservationists, many African wildlife species remain severely threatened.

Poaching and habitat destruction continue to take their toll. If you don’t visit Africa now, you may miss your chance to see a black rhino, cheetah or elephant in the wild.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your next South African safari experience.